I'm a medical student at the University College of Medical Sciences in New Delhi. I spent the majority of my childhood in the United Kingdom, and later moved to India with my family. I hope to one day build a career out of what has been a life long fascination with medicine, and a new found love for medical research.

I have been involved with research exploring the psychological impact of sleep quality, and I am currently working on a project that attempts to create a regression model of the relationship between uterine size and operative duration for women undergoing hysterectomies. I hope to someday work on novel surgical interventions and implants.

I have written for the student BMJ, largely on issues of  medical education; I also write on my blog about the cutting edge in modern medicine, and random personal stuff here and there. I am one of the student editors of the medical humanities journal of our university; and I also conduct workshops to educate medical students about the importance and practical aspects of medical research.

I lead a small R&D firm. We work with students and professionals in the healthcare and medical devices industry, to come up with novel solutions. One of our more high tech projects - a new prosthetic heart valve design - is currently being funded by the Indian Government. We're currently expanding and I'm quite positive about the impact that our team can make in the near future.

Work aside, I am an absolute car fanatic: To my ears, a naturally aspirated V8 engine block makes a sound sweeter than a symphony orchestra. I'm into photography and drawing, and I secretly like to believe that my skills with a pencil will predict a decent level of proficiency with a scalpel. 


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